Ladies and Gentlemen,


Turkey is rich by means of land resources and sufficient in terms of water resources. Almost one third of Turkey’s total area (78 million ha) is arable land (28 million ha). Comprehensive studies pointed indicate that 8,5 million ha of the arable land is economically irrigable in Turkey. 5,9 million ha of this irrigable area have been equipped with irrigation facilities being 3,61  million ha developed by DSİ with modern irrigation network systems.


The average annual precipitation of Turkey is 501 cubic km (501 billion cubic m) per year. 274 billion cubic m of this amount is assumed to evaporate from surface and transpire through plants. 69 billion cubic m of precipitation directly recharges the aquifers, whereas 158 billion cubic m forms the precipitation runoff. There is a continuous interaction between surface runoff and groundwater, but it is estimated that a net 28 billion cubic m of groundwater feeds the rivers.


In summary, surface water and ground water potential has an average of 112 billion cubic m per year and of which 44 billion cubic m is consumed.


The General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works  (DSI) is the primary executive state agency of Turkey and the main objective of DSI is to develop planning and designing projects for efficiently use of all water and land resources in Turkey.  Additionally, it follows closely the improvements related with its subject and efforts for cooperating with organizations such as ICOLD in order to find out technical solutions rationally. 5th International Symposium on Dam Safety and Exhibition is one of these collaborations. Many scientists, researchers and field engineers of various countries are expected to participate this symposium and many presentation will be held on by invited speakers who are professional in their area.


Turkey has an important amount of knowhow about the assessment of water and land resources. I wish this conference will give an opportunity to share these knowledges and to exchange informations between the participants. I hope that this conference in which many issues discussed will be very useful for all of you and I as the President of TRCOLD would like to invite all of you to Istanbul.


Mevlüt AYDIN

General Director of State Hydraulic Works

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