Dear Participants,


Turkey is in the semi-arid zone and so the precipitation shows differences according to regions and seasons. In recent years, upwards trends in temperature and changing precipitation patterns have been recorded all around the world due to the climate change impacts.  Moreover, climate change in most regions will likely increase the probability and severity of floods. Although a large amount of rain falls down usually during the winter season however the water consumption increases a large amount in the summer times. Parallel to the population growth, there is a large increase in water demand in drinking, use and industry sectors, especially in agriculture in our country as well as in the world. As a consequence of climate change, receding in the amount of water brings need for effective and sustainable water resources utilization and enforces the countries to implement water saving technologies in all water sectors, particularly in irrigation.


Water demand of the future generation should be guaranteed without compromising the ability of them to meet their own needs by water storage structures for achieving water sustainability. Water resources should also be increased in order to avoid water scarcity problems, in particular, in arid periods. Preservation and extension of life-time of storage facilities has vital importance in Turkey. On the other hand, as Turkey is one of the most quake-prone countries in the world, the safety of the water storage facilities in all stages like from planning and design to construction and operation must also be planned by taking into account of the deformation risk of the construction materials. For this purpose, technical and academic studies are extensively carried out in Turkey. The fifth International Symposium on Dam Safety and Exhibition activity is a part of the our studies. We will be very pleased to see you among us at this symposium.


I would like to invite all guests and participants in order to have enjoyable time and see the beauties of Istanbul and also Turkey and I wish the event has a great success.



Deputy Minister of the Agriculture and Forestry

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