Thank you for your interest to submit an Abstract for the INTERNATIONAL DAM SAFETY 2018 in Istanbul, Turkey


Symposium Topics


  1. Construction and operation for hydraulic structures
  2. Dam break analysis and inundation mapping
  3. Dam decomissioning
  4. Dam upstream studies for siltation
  5. Dam failures and lessons learnt from incidents
  6. Design floods and spillway design
  7. Design practice for dams and auxiliary structures
  8. Dams and Agricultural activities
  9. Emergency management
  10. Environmental Issues for dams
  11. Renewable and sustainable energy
  12. Geodetic surveying for large dams
  13. Geology and geotechnics
  14. International advances in practice
  15. Long term behavior of dams
  16. Tailing dam engineering
  17. Monitoring and instrumentation
  18. Prioritization of dam safety improvements
  19. Problems during dam construction
  20. Public safety - practices and operational considerations
  21. Safety regulations for large and small dams
  22. Social impact of dams
  23. Stability of reservoir slopes
  24. Static and dynamic analyses of dams
  25. Total risk and seismic hazard analyses


Authors are invited to submit abstracts on any of the given themes


Submitting Abstracts


The deadline for submitting abstracts is 15 May 2018. However, it was extended to July 22, 2018.


Method of submission


  • Please hand in your abstract here: Abstract submission 5th International DAM SAFETY
  • Authors will be notified about the delivery of their abstract by e-mail immediately. 
    In case you will not receive confirmation within 24 hours, please check your spam folder and in case on no confirmation, please contact our technical partner: 
  • Authors will have access to their abstracts until the deadline and will have possibility 
    to edit already submitted abstracts or submit another one.
  • All correspondence concerning the abstract will be sent to submitting author`s e-mail address.


Abstract submission instructions


  • Abstracts can be submitted on topics listed above
  • Abstracts and papers have to be written in English.
  • Submitted abstracts must be original. Abstracts previously published or presented at an international scientific meeting cannot be submitted.
  • Fill in the submitting author`s name and e-mail address properly - these contact details will serve for further correspondence with the author(s). 


Important dates


15 May 2018        Abstract submission deadline

27 October - 1 November 2018                Symposium on 5th International DAM SAFETY 2018




If you have any general questions regarding abstract submission, please contact

If you have any technical question please contact

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